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A heartfelt "Thank you!" goes out to all of you who helped Willie get through his last year. Your generous donations made a big difference in his daily life, paying for medications he would otherwise have gone without and easing some of his worry.

He honestly didn't realize how many friends he had. There are a lot of us. For each of you who contributed through this website or sent him messages via e-mail, know that he received all your well-wishes, intact. Each time I sent him a check with the accumulated donations, he also got the list of the people who'd sent the donations -- and though he wasn't much for writing letters, I know he thanked each of you from his heart.

Much of his worry, especially in the last year, had to do with concern about his family. If you would like to help them through this difficult time, you can address a check directly to Willie's widow, Ruth, at the following address:

Ruthie Kent
2704 N 41st Avenue
Apt #9, Bldg #1
Phoenix, AZ 85009

Go in peace, friends.